X-Factor prelim designs #3 by Bob Layton

INTERESTING TRIVIA: Jean Grey wasn’t originally announced as the 5th member of X-Factor. Alison Blaire aka Dazzler was the first choice until editorial decided at the very last minute to resurrect Jean Grey and retcon her death in the Dark Phoenix Saga (something Mr. Chris Claremont was not very happy about)! Dazzler, as we all know, went on to serve with the Outback team instead over in Uncanny X-Men.


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    And this is definitely one of the perspectives that I wholly see, and adds to my list of cons for sure. On another note,...
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    I definitely see where you’re coming from with this, but as a fan from a canon where most major characters live, die,...
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    I am and I’m not, equally. I’m a big Dazzler fan but I’m also a massively huge fan of the Original Five team. Dazzler...
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    i kind of wish dazzler was in this story arc D:
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    I bet Claremont was pissed off. I remember hearing this story in Wizard or somewhere — I love Ali, but I am glad they...
  11. fuckyeahalisonblaire said: I think Dazz on this team would be very neat to see in a What If? issue.
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