Anonymous asked: Hey, I was wondering.. Do you have any pictures of any kind of interaction between Gambit and Angel?? Thanks (:

Hey anon!

Gambit and Angel don’t really tangle all that much! With Remy’s involvement in the Morlock Massacre (the event which led to Warren’s wings being amputated), I wouldn’t say the Cajun is up there on Warren’s list of favourite people. However, there was an issue of X-Men Unlimited that dealt with Remy’s guilt in regards to that. They had a few very random and odd panels together during Curse of the Mutants, the 90’s Uncanny X-Men run (eeeerrrr I want to say Kelly’s run? Could be just before that, though), and the Gambit/Champions one shot. Aaaand I think there was a story arc in the alternate universe Mutant X that featured Gambit and The Fallen. Though, again, The Fallen really wasn’t all that fond of Gambit.

All of these stories and interactions can be found in my Gambit Tag. There’s some fanart in there, too, but you should come across the scans around page 4-5 of that. Hope that helps some!


X-Men: First Class (Jeff Parker/Roger Cruz · 2006-2007)
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