Anonymous said: Do you ever, or have ever read Angel or Archangel fan fiction stories? Just curious. I enjoy the blog. :)

I don’t really actively seek them out anymore, but I have read them before. Absolutely! I think there are some fic recs in my recs tag still. I would also recommend anything by Tangerine.

kye-leng said: Hi you've got a lovely blog! Was just wondering if you believe Warren's himself again after regaining his memories?? How much of his old self is still in there, cause life seed/resurrection business supposedly killed him as a person. But my understanding is he's now back? Does that mean Archangel is still alive??? Love to hear your thoughts :)

Thank you so much for enjoying the blog! I know I haven’t worked on it much to the extent that I used to, but I’m hoping that may change sometime soon. :)

As for your question, I’m going to be completely honest with you: I’m not reading very many X-Books right now, and I’m keeping up with what’s going on from a distance. It’s a little sad to me, but I find myself not enjoying the quality of the stories and it’s the first time in twenty years or so that I’m this far removed from it (and I survived the Austen era!)

It’s just not my cup of tea. Remender seems to have gotten himself into the habit of killing people off to bring them back for shock purposes so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had done the same to Warren? I actually have NO idea what’s going on with Nu-Angel at all, but if any followers want to reply or reblog to explain, that would be greatly appreciated!

All I’m following right now with regards to Worthington is what Bendis is doing, and that’s because I have a mega uber soft spot for Warren in that era (pre-Archangel) and he is finally getting some attention. *That* Warren is still the same bby we know and love, so he’s well and fine over in that side of the books, that I know for certain!

Archangel by Alessandro Vitti